Our Roots

Hey there! I'm Mark Humpfer, and I'm the face behind Hoosier Stump Remover. We're not your typical stump grinding service. We're all about helping you reclaim your outdoor space and restoring the natural beauty of your landscape. We've been proudly serving folks in Northwest Indiana and the surrounding areas since 2021.

A green Bandit Model SG-40 stump grinder, branded as the Hoosier Stump Remover, is positioned in a wooded area, clearing a tree stump amidst tall trees and a grassy field on a sunny day.
A green, tracked stump grinder labeled "Bandit" is shown grinding a tree stump in a grassy, partially wooded area. The powerful equipment from Hoosier Stump Remover makes quick work of the job.

Our Story

My journey is a bit of a rollercoaster. You see, I grew up in a family-owned tree service. As a kid, I practically grew up on tree service job sites. I was learning the ropes of the trade while other kids were learning to ride bikes.

But here's the kicker: I didn't stop there. I took a turn and became an EMT, and then a paramedic. And if that wasn't enough, I also became a volunteer firefighter on several local fire departments. I was all about serving the community.

After serving for years and then feeling the impact of COVID-19, I decided it was time to do something else. I saw the need for a change, not just in my career but in the way stump grinding services were provided. During my time as an emergency responder, I traveled all over the region and passed by lots of job sites, and it made me realize that too many folks were being left hanging with half-done stump jobs or jobs being preformed with no regard for safety of the machine operator or the home. It didn't sit right with me. That's when I decided to start Hoosier Stump Remover. I wanted to bring my unique perspective on safety, professionalism, and doing the job right to Northwest Indiana. 

Our Mission

At Hoosier Stump Remover we’re all about enhancing your outdoor spaces with expert stump removal. We prioritize you, offering quick response times, top-notch skills, unparalleled concern for safety, and the latest tech. Our Mission? To boost Indiana’s natural beauty, one stump at a time! 

A green tree stump grinder, proudly branded as Hoosier Stump Remover, is positioned next to a large tree stump in a grassy, wooded area.
A green Bandit SG-75 stump grinder, proudly provided by Hoosier Stump Remover, is grinding down a tree stump in a fenced backyard, with some garden plants nearby.
A suburban front yard with a dirt patch and remnants of tree stumps awaits attention. Surrounding it are well-maintained lawns and residential houses. A concrete driveway is in the foreground, leading to the perfect candidate for a Hoosier Stump Remover transformation.

Why Choose Us?

• Understanding your Unique Project Goals - At Hoosier Stump Remover we understand that every stump removal job is different because it’s not just about removing a stump. It’s about achieving the unique goals for that area. Whether you’re looking to plant grass, plant a new tree, widen the driveway, install a pool, or transform your outdoor space in any other way, we recognize the work involved can vary significantly. That’s why we take the time to dive into your specific needs and goals during our initial consultation. Our aim is to ensure that once we’re finished, your property is perfectly prepared to bring your outdoor space dreams to life.

• Experience That Matters - Operating a stump grinding machine can be dangerous and requires skill to get the job done effectively. With years of hands on experience in stump grinding we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. Your property is in capable hands with our team at the helm.

• Safety First - Safety isn’t an afterthought for us; it’s at the core of what we do. My background as a paramedic has instilled a deep respect for safety. You can trust that we’ll prioritize safety while on your property.

• Protecting your Home and Property - We routinely set up shielding to contain flying material created by stump grinding. While we can’t always know what’s below every stump, our shielding keeps our operators safe and protects your home. It safeguards your windows, siding, cards, and surrounding landscape from unwanted debris whether it be wood chips, dirt, rocks, concrete, plastic, or event metal.

• Underground Utility Protection - We care about your underground utilities as well as your neighbors’. Before we start any stump grinding project, we routinely call 811 to have the underground utility lines marked out. This protects your home as well as your neighbors’ homes, ensuring no unexpected issues arise during the process.

• State of the art Equipment - We take pride in using the best equipment available, ensuring that your stump grinding project is efficient and precise. Our top-notch gear sets us apart from the rest. 

Our Services

Illustration of a tree stump with a leaf attached to the top, set against a background of grass and sky, framed by a green circle—perfectly capturing the essence of Hoosier Stump Remover.

Stump Grinding AKA Stump Removal

Our process is simple and clean. We set up protectors to keep the yard clean and remove the stump using a 2021 Bandit Industries SG-40, a smaller, more efficient machine that can fit through any 29-inch gate. Upon finishing, we rake the wood chips into a neat pile and bring in soil to level off the ground.

Illustration of an orange excavator, labeled as Hoosier Stump Remover, cutting down a tree with a circular green border around the image.

Stump Removal Cleanup

We have an optional service for cleanup, which is very popular for saving time and energy with our customers! A typical 24 to 36-inch wood stump can create half a truck load of wood chips. To speed up the long cleaning process, we remove the pile immediately after grinding removal, allowing you to utilize and plant on your newly cleared soil right away!

A simple illustration features two tree stumps with green foliage, one standing upright and the other seemingly chopped, encased in a green circular border. This design subtly highlights the effectiveness of Hoosier Stump Remover, your local expert for Northwest Indiana.

Small Bush and Shrub Removals

Before starting any job, we work with the local 811 to map out your underground utilities. We carefully remove the complex deep rooting of your small trees and bushes with lightweight machinery without causing any damages to your yard or local utility lines.

Where we Serve

We've got you covered in Northwest Indiana! We proudly serve Lake, Porter, Laporte, Jasper, and Newton County. Whether you're a homeowner, a business owner, or part of a local municipality, we're here to tackle your stump grinding needs.