Our Services

Northwest Indiana Stump Removal Experts

We take pride in treating customers yard as if it was ours.

Left over tree stumps are difficult to remove, inconvenient to get around with a lawn mower, and can serve as a host for ants, termites, and other types of pests that can damage homes. Unfortunately, griding for most businesses is an afterthought. Stump removal often entails customer’s yards being carelessly left looking worse than it did before.

With our diligent removal process, we ensure that your yard is protected and treated with respect by:

Working with local 811 to map out underground utilities before starting the job

Using an efficiently small, 2021 Bandit Industries SG-40, that can fit into tight spaces and small fence gates of 29 inches

Utilizing lightweight and efficient machinery and equipment that will not damage the yard

Setting up shields in the work area to protect the rest of the yard of wood chips

Raking wood chips into a neat pile and offering immediate removal services

Finishing every stump removal with bringing in more soil to level the ground where the stump was

We value communication with our customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the completion of the work and are always ready to fix any issues that may arise.

Let us take care of the rotting eyesore tree stump, small tree, or bush, so you can finally get started on you long awaited landscaping project and enjoy your yard!

Our Services

Illustration of a tree stump with a leaf attached to the top, set against a background of grass and sky, framed by a green circle—perfectly capturing the essence of Hoosier Stump Remover.

Stump Grinding AKA Stump Removal

Our process is simple and clean. We set up protectors to keep the yard clean and remove the stump using a 2021 Bandit Industries SG-40, a smaller, more efficient machine that can fit through any 29-inch gate. Upon finishing, we rake the wood chips into a neat pile and bring in soil to level off the ground.

Illustration of an orange excavator, labeled as Hoosier Stump Remover, cutting down a tree with a circular green border around the image.

Stump Removal Cleanup

We have an optional service for cleanup, which is very popular for saving time and energy with our customers! A typical 24 to 36-inch wood stump can create half a truck load of wood chips. To speed up the long cleaning process, we remove the pile immediately after grinding removal, allowing you to utilize and plant on your newly cleared soil right away!

A simple illustration features two tree stumps with green foliage, one standing upright and the other seemingly chopped, encased in a green circular border. This design subtly highlights the effectiveness of Hoosier Stump Remover, your local expert for Northwest Indiana.

Small Bush and Shrub Removals

Before starting any job, we work with the local 811 to map out your underground utilities. We carefully remove the complex deep rooting of your small trees and bushes with lightweight machinery without causing any damages to your yard or local utility lines.